Computer Security: QuickTime and PC Users

April 20, 2016

The Separation of Windows and QuickTime:

Recently, Apple has decided to stop updating their QuickTime player on Windows PCs. This means that the security for QuickTime will also no longer be updated by Apple. What does this mean for PC users? It means that your computer’s security could be compromised. Since Apple is no longer patching holes in the security of QuickTime, there is greater chance of intrusion on your PC through QuickTime.

For PC Users:

If you currently have Apple QuickTime downloaded on your computer, make sure that you uninstall it. If you are unsure of how to do this, then use Apple’s instructions for uninstalling QuickTime. We can also uninstall QuickTime for you if you bring in your PC to us. We want your computers to be secure, so be sure to get it uninstalled as quickly as you can!

If you have never used or seen QuickTime on your computer, you still could have it on your PC. Sometimes when iTunes is downloaded onto a computer, QuickTime is included in the initial install of iTunes, so make sure to search your computer for it to make sure.

For Adobe Creative Cloud Users:

Adobe has been very dependent on using QuickTime, so they are trying to make it so there is no need to depend on it. Creative Cloud users rely on QuickTime especially for video-based applications like Apple ProRes. Read Adobe’s response to this change and their recommended instructions for uninstalling QuickTime. They are working on getting things in order as soon as they can.

Once again, give us a call at 574-306-4017 or stop by our office if you are needing any assistance with removing this program. Your computer security is very important to us.

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