Services We Offer


Network Administration

We can perform the tedious tasks of maintaining your network by handling all of the account creation and maintenance. We will also maintain your backups to prevent your business from losing critical data. Many companies find out their backup strategy is not adequate after a disaster. DO NOT let this be you!

Managed Services

We can be your IT department. Let W.A.C.D. do what we do best, while you do what you do best! We can take all the hassle and worry involving your IT needs and provide solutions to make you and your company more productive and secure

Computer Installation & Repair

W.A.C.D.'s team of service professionals can assist you with your computer issues, big or small. From software installation to crashed hard drives, we have the skills to get you back up and running. We can also help you fine tune your PC to make sure you are running at your PC's optimum potential.

Network Security Services

Worried about losing your files? Heard about all the network breaches in the news? Are you sharing your wireless network with your neighbors? Do you have a firewall onsite? Let W.A.C.D. perform a security analysis on your network and give you a peace of mind!

Network Installation Services

We specialize in the design, installation, configuration, and administration of any Windows based network.

Remote Services

W.A.C.D. can come on-site to your location, or even help you while you are on vacation! We support clients from all around the world using our state of the art tools. If you are able to get an internet connection, we can help, no matter where you are!

Phone & Tablet Repair Services

Warsaw Area Computer Doctors takes special care of your tablet and phone repair needs. Cracked or broken screen? We got you covered! Maybe its just a battery upgrade, we can help you on that as well!

New & Refurbished Computer Hardware

Did you know W.A.C.D. has been selling new and used computer and apple hardware for 11 + years!? We have some of the best deals around for hardware and THE BEST computer warranties out there!

We can fix your computer problems!

We are a locally owned and operated business that handles IT residential
and commercial computer services and selling of hardware.