Consumer Electronics Show

January 12, 2016

The consumer event of the year has come and gone once again for the year 2016. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the big event for the every day consumer. They announce the biggest electronic releases for the year such as washers and driers, speakers, TVs, refrigerators, etc. An event similar to E3 and Comic con. Here are three of the outstanding electronics announced this year at CES.

Fisher Price’s Code-A-Pillar

A IT Father’s dream toy for his child, this toy teaches children down to the age of 3 about coding. The child learns to build a code by disassembling and re-assembling the Caterpillar. Each of the segments of the Caterpillar has an assigned code. The head of the Caterpillar holds the “computer” and will read the coding sequence to receive its instructions. Fisher Price designed a fun way to begin teaching children how to code computers.  There will be 2 or 3 expansion packs released as early as July. They will run for about $15 each.  The toy will be released in June for $50.


Samsung’s Modular TV

Samsung innovated the concept of upgrading your TV. With this 170″ display, the Modular takes the title for the World’s Largest 170″ SUHD TV. Now, rather than having a variety of different sized TVs in your house, you can have 1 and do it all. While watching a mega TV with a group may be amazing, you can shrink the Modular TV down for single person views. With no prominent edges to the display, the concept of adding screens, stacking them, or sliding them together is now a very real concept. They seamlessly run together without a glitch. There are no lines running through your picture, no pictures slightly out of synced, and no uneven pictures. Modular can be a 170″ TV or a 60″ TV, changing the home movie viewing experience. This is electronic is still in the works and has no release date or price yet.


Sony’s newest turntable release. This classic device just brings you closer to your 70’s teenage years. You can play all your old vinyl and listen to them clearer in years. Does not that sound amazing? Just wait there is an even better feature. This device was not designed to simply let you listen to your own vinyl. PS-HX500 was designed for you to back up your vinyl. All you do is plug the USB cord into your computer and set the in and out points on the device. After that, hit play and enjoy the classics while you back them up digitally. Once you have backed up your music, you can just play them all the time on the turntable now. They designed for anti-vibration (Amazing isn’t it? Vibrations killed vinyl.), is mobile-compatible, and alignment tools. This will be a big toy for the music lover. It’s release is projected for Spring ’16.

These were just three of the stand out electronics for CES. There were several releases on the hottest new headphones, Washers that could dry as well, and refrigerators with tvs installed in them. I found these electronics to be revolutionary to their industry and present something original to the consumer world. Check out the whole CES press conference video here for more on the latest electronics.

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