What Has Been Happening

June 27, 2014

WACD 6-13 name2Some of you may wonder what has been happening over the past few months at W.A.C.D., LLC.  Lots of fun new things that is for sure.  And because of that we have been very busy.

We are excited to be going to clients homes in our new 2014 Ford Focus thanks to Kerlin Motor Company.  We have loved the gas mileage we have gotten.  This is extra great because we have a 30 mile radius where we travel for NO charge.  But don’t worry, if you are out of that radius we still will come.  But only start to charge after we have hit the radius, NOT before.

We are also excited to have another tech on our team.  Nick has been with us since January and been a quick learning.   Some of you may have even seen him at a job site!

Some other things have also been happening but don’t want to ruin all the fun so come back soon!



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