New iPhone RED

March 23, 2017

Apple has surprised us with a new iPhone unveiling – and it’s red. A bright, brilliant, gleaming red. Not much about the actual phone changed besides the color, however. It still basically has the same internal organs as the other original iPhone 7 and 7 Plus counterparts.


This special red version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was introduced to commemorate Apple’s 10-year partnership with Red. Red is organization that is trying to make an AIDS-free generation possible. When you buy a product from RED, some of the profits from those sales go towards fighting AIDS. These phones are working for the same cause, although Apple has not clearly states how much money will be donated to Red through the sales of the phones.


Apple has made a bunch of special RED products over the years from an iPod nano to an Apple Watch band, but this is the first time they are doing a custom color for their big seller. Apple has said to have contributed more than $130 million as part of its partnership with RED. This makes Apple the world’s largest corporate donor to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.


Along with this new iPhone also comes a less red new iPad (which also doesn’t come with very many performance changes). There’s a bit of a processor upgrade, but that’s about it. It does, however, come with a price cut of a 9.7-ince Apple tablet. The starting price falls at about $330 for 32GB which is down from the $400 previous price.


All and all, there aren’t really that many differences between this iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 that has been out for the last six months. It’s just red. However, some of the proceeds are going to go to a great cause. So if you want to help fight AIDS (or you just like red), I say go ahead and buy it. These phones hit the shelves on March 24th.




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