Technology and Christmas? Did you shop wisely?

December 24, 2014

Technology and Christmas Today I want to have us, as young adults and parents, think about the gifts we are suppose to be giving our kids or loved ones tomorrow. And ask ourselves did we purchase any  technology this Christmas? And if so how much did we spend on that item? I would take a guess that most of us have at least one if not more technology gifts that were purchased this  year and sitting under the Christmas tree. Did you know that the average price for that technology is a few hundred dollars. Did you shop smartly for these gifts? Have you not even  purchased these gifts yet because you are a procrastinator like myself and finish your Christmas shopping the night of Christmas eve?

Looking back 2014

If we step back and take a look at 2014 we see that we had some of the biggest phones made, some mediocre wearable gear, and some of the most widely spread hacking of technology we have ever experienced. This is the culture in which we live in today, and the culture our kids face everyday growing up. As parents, you are often bombarded with new apps for your children to learn better. And new cool ways to help your child excel in school or interact sociably. This is probably one of the many reasons why most all of us currently have some form of technology sitting underneath that Christmas tree. I am not one to say that we should not be giving the gift of technology at Christmas, or as a gift period, but more to be thinking about why are we giving these gifts and how wisely did we spend out money? Are they so that our loved one can kick back and relax and enjoy some free time? Or is it strictly for learning purposes? I know the other week I sold an iPad to a grandparent who wanted to give it to their 1st grade grandchild so that they could use it to learn how to spell better. She shopped around and was able to get a great deal for that iPad. It wasn’t brand new but was in great condition and would serve the 1st grader just fine. I also know that my mother-in-law uses technology on the iPad quite frequently to teach her students in school with the apps that are in the Apple store. These are great purposes to be giving these expensive gifts to our children or loved ones. But if we are purchases gifts that are strictly for “having that next cool gadget” then we better be thinking about how could we save the most money and get the best equipment for our buck?

Change in Technology

Technology changes on average every 6 months. Newer and cooler gadgets comes out and everyone wants that new shiny thing, I used to catch myself as one of these individuals. This makes keeping up with technology for your kids even harder. If you were to buy a form of tablet or phone for your child this year for Christmas, next year at this time there would be on average, 1 or 2 new products, basically the same thing, but new, out on the market. So instead of purchasing your kids a brand new iPad air for Christmas that according the today’s standards will be outdated before they possibly even know the full benefits of the device, think about a possible alternative to that technology gift you are so wanting to give them. Possibly think of a tablet that has been certified refurbished.  These often are used machines that have been taken back because of some defect and had a technician repair them. These sometimes can be two thirds of the price of a new one. Another possibility is to purchase an off lease computer. I know at W.A.C.D. we sell many more off lease machines compared to brand new models. These often come with 6 months to a year of use on them by some corporation. They are then turned back in so that the corporation can get the new thing and you as a consumer can get them rebuilt and often as good as if they just came straight from the factory. Anywhere from a 3rd of the price to a half off the original price! They often also come with outstanding warranties. I know at W.A.C.D. we have on all our off lease machines a 4-6 year warranty! That is better than the warranty you get brand new!! Yet another possible option for cheaper Christmas gifts for your loved ones could be to wait until after Christmas. I know this sounds weird and quite honestly most people like opening things up on Christmas day but often times if you can be patient for 1 more 2 more days after Christmas you can get the same machines for even bigger discounts! I know starting the 26th you can purchase laptops from W.A.C.D. for often $75 off the already original discounted price!

So as Christmas is upon us, and we are all excited to open those presents tomorrow that we have seen sitting under the tree, think about the technology you have given your loved one and is it worth it? Think to yourself if I was to have a little more patience or shop smarter how much could I have saved on technology alone! Just something to think about when purchasing technology for Christmas or any major holiday.

Merry Christmas and enjoy tomorrow!

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