Tip-Top Computer Shape

February 21, 2017

Nearly 90% of college students own laptops which are a big investment that don’t normally have the extra funds to replace. Whether you are a college student or someone in the business world, you know what a valuable asset your laptop can be. However, we often times take our computers for granted. The cost of computer repairs can be endless and the loss of irreplaceable files can be devastating if you aren’t taking proper care of it. You can save yourself a lot of money and time by learning proper laptop maintenance.

Always run your laptop on a smooth, hard surface. This is one thing that people don’t often do. Though the name might suggest otherwise, it is a bad idea to keep your laptop on your lap – or pillows, blankets, or other soft, uneven surfaces. Doing these things can prevent airflow to the bottom of the computer and cause overheating, which is one of the biggest contributors to computer files.


Put your laptop to sleep before putting it in your bag. Don’t just close the lid on your laptop and drop it right in your bag. It often takes a little while for your hard drive to shut down, and it can be hurt by the movement while it is still running. Stay on the safe side by putting your computer to sleep before you close it.


Don’t leave your laptop plugged in 24/7. Constantly having your computer plugged in can degrade the battery and shorten its life. Make sure that you are unplugging your laptop at least 2-3 times a week so that your computer can stay healthy. Similarly, don’t leave your computer without any battery at all for long periods of time because that can also cause problems.


Clean out your computer at least once a year. Excessive dust can compromise the performance of your computer. Use compressed air, a vacuum, or cotton swabs to keep all openings clear year round then open the case once a year to gently clean the insides.


Shut down your computer every few days. Many of your computer’s normal maintenance tasks revolve around your computer shutting down and starting back up. This includes clearing caches and short term memory and installing system updates.


Be prepared for thieves. It is possible for your computer to be stolen. The best thing you can do to keep important information protected in to encrypt it. Using an open-source tool will keep thieves from getting to your valuable goods.


Back up everything. I do mean everything. There is no excuse to not back up your files. Though it may seem like obvious advice, but many people just don’t do it. These stakes are especially high if you are a student who stores notes, papers, and projects on your computer or a businessperson who keeps all of their work there. Buy an external hard drive from a reliable brand and back it up at least once a week to make sure you don’t lose important files.





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