Tips on Shopping for a Computer

April 4, 2017

Buying a computer can be a tedious process. Sometimes it feels a bit like buying a new home because there are so many to choose from and you probably have no idea what the sales guy is talking about when he says things like RAM and specs. So you just nod your head. However, none of us want to end up with a computer that’s not going to meet our needs, especially when they are not cheap. So here are just a few tips of finding the right computer for you.


Know your speed. Do you want your computer to be fast? In this day and age, the answer is probably yes. Then you aren’t going to want to go cheap on the processor. It’s going to need to be a good one. There are two kinds of processors, dual core and quad core. If you want fast, you want quad core. It should have a basic specs sticker in the store (or online) that tells you the type of processor. There will also be a number that goes along with it such as i3, i5, i7, and so on. The larger the number, the more expensive, but also the faster it will run. So that’s all up to you.


How much storage do you need? If you keep everything on your computer from hundreds of pictures to thousands of songs, then you are going to need plenty of storage space. You can easily get 1 TB of storage space on a laptop these days and that should be plenty of room. If it’s not, then I would suggest getting an external hard drive (which I would suggest doing anyways just to back up your system).


Mac or PC? Ah, the heated debate. Are you a Mac or a PC? Apple or not? Now if you’ve never used a Mac, they can be super confusing to learn, I won’t deny that, but I personally prefer them. Mine has never really given me any trouble. Now PC’s are cheaper, let me tell you. However, if you are someone who does a lot of photography, videography, or sound recording, a Mac is definitely the better choice.


Screen size. Always check the screen size, especially when you are ordering online because that’s where they get you. The standard laptop size is 15.6 inches in size, so if it is significantly smaller than that, that’s why it is so cheap. Personally, I don’t like small screens, but everyone has their preference. So more power to you if you do.


Pricing. Many of us probably want a computer with all those fancy gadgets but can’t afford it, so instead we will settle for one that is $200. The problem with that is the $200 computers will just end up breaking soon after. Generally, it’s just better to go more expensive in the long run. Now not every brand is great, so make sure you are still doing your research.


Reviews. I know, this seems like pulling teeth. Some of these are just ridiculous and I’m not necessarily telling you to look at every review and read them one at a time. However, when you are seeing that about 75% of the reviews on the computer you are thinking about getting are negative, chances are you probably shouldn’t get it. Always check reviews before you buy a computer.


Computers can be a tricky purchase. That’s why it is important to think about what is actually important to you, because then it makes finding one a whole lot easier.




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