What Does The Right To Repair Technology Law Mean For Me?

June 7, 2022

A longtime complaint of technology users is the inability to repair their own devices. Up until recently, replacement parts and repair tools haven’t been accessible to the public. If your device needed repairing, you would have to have it repaired by the manufacturer directly or a certified provider. Many technology owners continue to advocate for the right to repair their own devices and be provided with the parts, tools, and resources to do so effectively.

What does right to repair mean?

The right to repair technology law means allowing tech owners to repair their electronics without any restrictions set by the manufacturer. This makes it possible to easily repair a broken device or use parts from old devices. Right to repair advocates are pushing for these qualifications when it comes to electronic devices:

  • Easily repairable device design
  • Accessible tools and parts at market value
  • Repair is possible, not hindered in any way
  • Manufacturer should disclose repairability information
  • Unlocked devices to allow for custom software and modifications
  • Public access to device manuals and software updates

What has been accomplished so far?

The first right to repair law was passed in the U.S. in 2012 for the automotive industry which required transportation manufacturers to sell the same parts to consumers as they were selling to mechanics. This led to a push for a right to repair in all applicable industries such as transportation and medical devices, but largely electronic devices.

The Repair Association was founded in 2013 and has been laying the groundwork ever since. From multiple right to repair bills filed throughout the country to an executive order signed by President Biden in July of 2021 which promoted the right to repair. In March of this year, a bill was introduced by a group of U.S. senators that would force manufacturers to sell the parts, tools, and resources needed for people like us and third party vendors to repair their devices. If this bill is made into law, technology manufacturers will begin to be held accountable.

What is the end goal for users like me?

The mission of the right to repair movement is a societal mindset shift from replace to repair. We are so quick to throw out old devices because we are unable to repair them. A lack of parts, tools, and transparency from electronic manufacturers has made our outdated electronics unusable. If the right to repair movement continues to progress, we will see big changes in the technology world. As consumers or third party repair companies, we will finally have access to what we need to fix our electronic devices.

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