Why Warsaw Are Computer Doctor (WACD) is the best!

April 11, 2019

  • Customer Service

We here at Warsaw Area Computer Doctors, always strive to provide the best service possible. We have a highly trained staff that puts each and every customer first and want to ensure that they have the best experience possible. We also speak the same language as the average person. One of the issues that many people have with their computer repair company is that they can’t understand what they are talking about. We try to not use a lot of technical jargon and make the problem with your computer make sense in easy to understand terms.

  • Experience

Another important factor that makes Warsaw Area Computer
Doctor the best, is that we have experience. WACD has been in business for over
12 year, and we have decades of experience in the IT and computer repair
industry combined between our tech team. Experience is important in our line of
work since this allows us to fix issues quickly and correctly since we have
seen almost everything!

We also are always working on adapting to the changes in technology. This is one aspect of what we do that we love! Technology is always changing, and this keeps things interesting, but requires a large amount of learning, and changing. You want to use a company that is always working to stay on the top of computer and electronic trends.

  • Long term stability

A problem with many computer repair companies in the Warsaw area is lack of stability. Many computer repair companies come in and out and aren’t around for very long. You want a company that will last for years, and that you can count on. This is especially important for business since if something happens, you need to know that you can contact them and get results quickly! Warsaw Area Computer Doctors have over 12 years in business, and we are planning on many many more years to come.

  • Services

One aspect of our company that we are proud of is the fact that we offer more services than any other company in the Warsaw area. While most IT companies are able to take care of businesses, Warsaw Area Computer Doctors also takes care of hardware sales. This allows us to have tightly integrated hardware and software. One area that almost no other computer repair company can take care of, is phone repair. We now have the capability to repair almost any smartphone screen and many tablet screens. This allows us to take care of almost any service you may need.

  • Onsite

Many personal computer repair companies don’t offer onsite services. Meaning they won’t actually come to your house to set up a computer or fix a network. Warsaw Area Computer Doctor does do this! We have a team of great techs who are able to come to your house and get your technology issues resolved. This allows us to better care for each and every customer.

These are the 5 top reasons that make Warsaw Area Computer Doctors the best computer repair and IT Company in all of Warsaw Indiana! We are always working to be better and expand the services and care that we are able to provide to each of our clients.

We can fix your computer problems!

We are a locally owned and operated business that handles IT residential and commercial computer services and selling of hardware.