5 Computer Myths

April 26, 2019

Myth 1: If you have an antivirus program, then you can’t get
a virus.

We hear this myth all the time. People think if they have Norton, Avast, AVG, or any other antivirus program on their computer, that their computer is then safe against viruses. But this isn’t true. It is true that your computer is less likely to get a virus than a computer without any antivirus. Antivirus programs will generally catch most viruses, but it won’t stop something that it can’t recognize. Virus makers are always looking for ways to get around the antivirus software. Then the antivirus program developers are always updating their software to fight new viruses. This is why it is important to always update your computer’s software. The other thing that an antivirus program can’t protect against, is user error. Many people get viruses from clicking on an email, or by allowing someone they don’t know on their computer. There are many different ways that virus creators pretty on people that don’t know what to look for. Never allow someone to access your computer, unless you call the main support line of a company like Microsoft.

Myth 2: You should only charge batteries when they are empty

This is possibly one of the most widespread myths. Many
people think that they have to let their laptop, tablet, or phone die before
charging the battery. While this was true back when batteries were made out of
a different type of material. But now lithium batteries, don’t need to be dead
before charging. It is actually better to charge it whenever you want, and not
from zero.

Myth 3: Mac computers can’t get viruses

For a long period of time, people thought that only Windows computers could get viruses. This was mostly due to Windows being much more popular, so most viruses targeted Windows. While it is true that it is less likely then windows, there are viruses being created for macs. There have been major security flaws found in Mac OS X, so the moral of the story is that no computer is perfectly safe.

Myth 4: You need to type WWW for websites, and that emails
are case sensitive

These are two myths that we are going to cover in one. Many people think you still need to type the www if you are typing in a website in the address bar. For example, if you want to go to wacd’s website, all you have to do is type wacdllc.com, and not www.wacdllc.com. The other thing is email address are not case sensitive. Meaning that johndoe@gmail.com is the same email as JOHNdoe@gmail.com. It doesn’t matter how you type it.

Myth 5: The more files you have on  your computer, the slower it will run.

This again is an almost universal myth. The myth is that as your computer hard drive fills up with pictures and documents, your computer will slow down. This is not why computers slow down. When the files are not open, they aren’t slowing your computer down in any way. The reasons that computers get slow is more often related to the hard drive having mechanical issues, or having a bunch of software that is starting up in the background, or even viruses. Files won’t affect speed.

These are just a few of the different myths that we see, and
we will cover more in the future. If you have a question about anything
computer related, feel free to give us a call and ask questions! We are here to

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