Computer Cooling

May 10, 2019

Why computer cooling matters

A basic factor of all electronics is that they give off heat. In most cases, this is a very small amount and doesn’t require extra cooling, but some electronics like computer components need serious cooling!  The computer components that need it most are the CPU, GPU, and Power Supply. A basic principle is that the more power something pulls, the more heat it will give off. This heat needs to be removed from the components, otherwise, there will be problems. If left uncooled an electronic generating a lot of heat can be damaged. There are different types of computer cooling options available and we are going to cover some of these.

Air cooling

This is the most common type of cooling in computers today. This includes an aluminum and copper heat sync. This will take the heat away from the CPU and GPU and use fans to pass cool air through this to push the heat away and cool the electronic component. The nice thing about air cooling is that it is usually inexpensive. However, really effective air cooling can be heavy and bulky, which means it will need a larger computer case to accommodate this type of cooling. There are many different options for air cooling. This includes things like RGB fans, different orientations, and many different budget options.

Liquid Cooling

This is the other popular type of cooling for computers. Most liquid coolers use water for this process and pass the water through the heatsink on the CPU and sometimes GPU and it then takes the heated water and transferring it through the radiator. The benefit of liquid cooling is that it can take a much higher heat capacity, and this can do the same level of cooling with much less effort. You can also keep the components running cooler then you can with air cooling. There are two main different types of cooling. These are closed loop system, and open loop. The big difference between these is the closed is all in one contained unit. Whereas an open loop is a custom liquid cooling setup that has all separate components and can have multiple components included within the loop. These are more effective, but more expensive.

Choosing the cooler for your computer may still feel confusing, but don’t worry there is an easy answer! Talk to your computer company. We are able to look at what you will be using your computer for, and determine a cooler that will best work for you. If you are just doing normal daily tasks then a simple stock air cooler will work perfectly. If you are using your computer for hardcore gaming, then a liquid cooler might be a great option for you. This is something we can help you with and ensure that your computer works great and without issue in terms of cooling!

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