Adobe users at risk for attack!

February 4, 2015

Warsaw Computer Repair Computer Hardware Trend Micro Anti-VirusTrend Micro recently discovered an Adobe Flash vulnerability, which is now known as, Zero Day or  CVE-2015-0313, with nasty web site ads or “malvertisements” that can cause major issues.  It is related to the newest updated Adobe If the attack gets onto your network it can be a costly repair. 

According to Trend Micro, visitors to the site were redirected through multiple sites that eventually got them to the URL: hxxp://, where the hack itself was hosted! So far according to TrendLabs,We have seen around 3,294 hits related to the exploit, and with an attack already seen in the wild, it’s likely there are other attacks leveraging this zero-day!

A patch has not been released from Adobe yet.  When we receive notice that they have created one, W.A.C.D. will post about it.  At that time please update your adobe to protect yourself and your information.  Until a patch is released we recommend disabling your Adobe Flash to make sure you are protected.

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