Microsoft is building a new browser “Spartan” for Windows 10 release

December 29, 2014

The new Browser code named: Spartan

Computer Repair warsaw indiana Spartan browser Spartan might be the new hope Internet Explorer users are waiting for. We have long hoped and wished that Microsoft would finally get away from using its Internet Explorer browser that has been released and bundled with its products. But according to ZDNet we learn that Microsoft is  actually working on a whole new browser, with a new look and use  of extensions or plugins. The current nickname given by Microsoft is Spartan. If we look at it closely thought, we see that they are still using the  Chakra JavaSpcrit. This script is what Internet Explorer is using, so this means Microsoft will still probably have the same old quirks just like before, but instead the feel, look, and how it is used will be updated. 

Another announcement according to ZDNet, is that Internet Explorer will still come with the new Windows 10 package. This will mainly be for backwards compatibility issues that user would experience with the new Spartan browser.

Our next big Windows 10 event for news is scheduled for January 21st. This will be the news mostly aimed at tablets and phones featuring the new Windows 10 Operating System.   It is still not yet confirmed whether or not though the new “Spartan” browser will be available with the beta release builds. 

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