Backing up your information

November 4, 2014

carbonite_logoToday I got the question from a customer how do I backup my information encase my computer dies? This is a very simple question that we get asked a lot about. It all depends on the type of use you do on the computer. If you have a standalone computer at home a simple Carbonite backup plan would do! Carbonite backs up your information automatically unless it is a file size over 4MB. If this happens then you just have to manually right click and tell that file to backup. Another nice feature of Carbonite is that you can access your files from anywhere if you have your login information. If you are using your laptop as part of a domain where the server is controlling your computer for work, then they should already have a backup plan for your network that runs a backup off the server. Backing up your information is so important as sometimes technicians can work miracles and find your information but it does not always work.

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