Choosing the right Internet Provider

February 1, 2016


One of the hardest things about moving after the actual move is choosing the right internet provider. There are so many providers out there, but who is the best for you? How do you choose who is best for you and how much you need out of your provider? There is sadly no science to this answer. No cut dry proven way to decide who will be the best provider for you. Here are some things to consider when looking around for Internet.

Shop around

The worst decision you can make about anything is not shopping around. Trying to find the best internet for you means spending more five minutes finding the best reviewed web provider in the area. You should spend the time finding the right internet provider. Call around to them and ask questions. Most internet providers do not disclose all their costs. There are hidden costs riddling their plans, and if you never ask, you will not know till it is too late. Hidden costs could entail but are not limited to set up fees, equipment provision fees, data limits, and service fees. Shopping around with internet providers allows you to know exactly what you are getting into and help you decide whats best for you.

Top picks for 2015

  • Verizon
    • Offers one of the highest speeds available. It is not necessarily cheap, but with verizon towers every where, you should be able to expect some of the best service
  • XFinity
    • A top pick among my friends. It has high speeds, great service, and great coverage. The down side is how pricey they are considered to be, but after shopping around you may find them not that pricey.
  • COX Communications
    • After looking on their websites, they may be one of my biggest recommendation if they were in my area. It seems like a smaller company than the others with reasonable prices and high speed. Sadly, it is limited in its coverage, and only is in certain states.
  • MediaCom
    • It would not be one of my top picks for lack of great service from the people close to me, but I know many people who do not mind their services. Their speeds are quick and supposedly have good rates. I have yet to be able to investigate them yet.

Here is a complete review of each of the providers. I recommend looking into them.

Internet Providers

Consider Why

Why are you getting internet should be one of your first questions when you begin your search for Internet? If you are spending long hours simply surfing social media and the web, you can go with a lower speed internet. Anywhere between 10-25 Mbps, should cover you pretty well. If you spend a lot of time watching movies or gaming, you will want to look at anywhere between 50-100 Mbps. You are going to use a lot of of streaming speed with gaming and movies so you will need a higher speed, but with higher speeds, the higher the prices become. So sit down and list all the reasons you use the internet. It could cause you to choose between providers or a $30 plan and a $60 plan. COX communications provides a speed advisory test. You can get an idea of what they recommend you get and why. Try it out!


We all live on a budget. Our lifestyles should be determined by our household incomes. Compare prices between companies. Check whether the price is a permanent price or a introductory price. Pick a plan that fits your budget. You may have to change your style of using the internet, but it could be the decision between having high speed internet or eating. I recommend you choose eating as the more important choice. You will also need to ask about hidden fees such as equipment rental, servicing fees, and data limit fees.


Your location may limit your options. If you are out in a rural area, you most likely will have 2 or 3 options to choose from. If you are in the city, you may have a world of options– probably more than you even wish to have. The closer you are to a DSL provider will be the faster your speed will be. If you are looking for DSL, you will want to be closer to the provider. Trent Hammy of Simple Dollar recommends going with a local provider if you have the option. They tend to be quicker at servicing and provide higher speeds because they are local from his experiences. It also helps the local economy when you support local businesses and such. The location may factor in your providers and speed. Just check around with your friends and family in the area to find out who they would recommend or not recommend to help you make a more informed decision.

Picking an internet provider out can be a frustrating process. There is a lot of things about it that we do not understand which makes it hard to make a properly informed decision. These four things to consider will help you get a proper base for making a decision. You may also try to avoid contracts to a company. Then you can come and go whenever you please with no penalties.

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