Must Have Software

May 17, 2019

When you buy a computer, you may think that everything you need will be included with your purchase. But in fact, you will actually need to purchase some separate software to be able to properly use your computer. The software you will need depends on what you will be using your computer for, but we will give some general software suggestions!

Internet Browser

Now you may be thinking “my computer has an internet browser doesn’t it?” Yes, every computer will come with at least the default browser which for Windows is the Edge browser. Mac OS comes with Safari. While these may work great for you, but if not then downloading another web browser is a great idea. Chrome is the most popular and is free to download. This is the same for another popular browser called Firefox.

Word processor

Another important piece of software that you need to purchase separately is a word processor. Most computers will come with a basic word processor like Word Pad. But if you are planning on doing anything serious with your computer then you should purchase a program like Microsoft Word. There are some free programs out there, but many of these aren’t as full-featured as a paid program. You also need to be careful when looking for a free program online. This is an easy way to get a virus if you aren’t careful.

Email program

Using an online email software is fine for most people, but
if you want a full featured program that will handle email, then you should
purchase software like Outlook. These programs are powerful and they allow
offline email reading.

PDF Reader

This is a piece of software that almost everyone forgets
about. But a PDF reader is important! All computers will come with some type of
software to view a PDF, but most won’t include a PDF editor. This is why we suggest
purchasing an actual PDF reader and editor. This could be a program like Adobe
Reader DC.

Backup software

A good backup program should be the first thing you have installed on your computer! Once you have documents, files, pictures, etc. on your computer, you need to start backing them up. If something were to happen to your computer, and you didn’t have a backup program, you could lose everything. Backup software isn’t that expensive and is well worth it. We can get this software setup so you don’t have to even think about it.

These are some of the must have pieces of software that you need to purchase after you buy a new computer. There are hundreds of programs that you can buy, depending on your situation, but nearly everyone will need the software that we mentioned above.

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