Considered Backing Up? Never Let Lost Data Make You Back Out

December 6, 2019

There’s something about losing data on your computer that leaves you feeling powerless and frustrated. Whether it’s from a power surge, the age of your computer, or an unexpected storm, when you put your trust in your computer to save your data, and it fails, your blood pressure goes up and panic sets in.

Ever been there?

Why Back Up Is Important

Even if you aren’t heavily reliant on your computer’s data, backing up your computer is always the wisest choice. It’s a general rule of thumb to back up your computer once a week regardless of whether you think you’ve accumulated anything worth saving or not. However, even if you’re on the fence about the need for a reliable backup system, consider the importance of the following:

Preventing lost data: If you can get into the habit of backing up your data at least once a week, you will prevent yourself from rewriting articles, losing pictures permanently, or a whole variety of heartaches.

Ability to supply audit information: In today’s day and age, holding on to governmental paperwork on your computer is often expected for IRS audits and other record-keeping. Unfortunately, auditors are not well-known for caring about the reasons you couldn’t supply the records they require. Backing-up your data will guarantee that any pertinent information is always at the ready, which leads us to the next great advantage for having a reliable back up system.

Less Wasted Time and Peace of Mind: There’s nothing worse than trying to recreate data that was lost. It makes you lose your most valuable asset no matter who you are–your time. On top of that, even if you struggle to see the overall importance of what you’re backing up, it’s always beneficial to have confidence your important documents and data are available. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect backup,” the more consistently you are at backing up your computer’s data, the less time you waste trying to recreate everything.

Things You Should Know

Backing up your computer’s data is now easier than ever, however, there are two things you need to consider when backing up your computer:

One: It’s important to have more than one backup of your computer’s data. It’s often suggested that at least one of those backups be on-site, and the other to be at a different location. This is to prevent yourself from truly losing everything in case of any on-site accidents where your local backups are damaged.

Two: Free service isn’t always enough. Although your Windows 10 PC comes with built-in backup options, as well as your Mac, and Smart devices, the storage is limited, and maxing out your storage is a common occurrence. Consider a cloud-based service such as Backblaze, where, for a less-than ten dollar fee a month, your storage space is increased and more secure.

When in Doubt, Ask!

No matter who you are, making decisions about the safety of your computer’s data can be confusing. If you would like to have reliable, trustworthy assistance in working through your options, feel free to contact Warsaw Area Computer Doctors LLC where one of our friendly techs can help you achieve peace of mind.

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