6 Computer Myths

July 26, 2019

We are going to talk about computer myths today because there are many things that people believe that just aren’t true. Many of these myths are believed by almost everyone, and we are writing this to set the record straight.

Myth 1 – You need to defrag your computer

This is a myth that has been believed for decades but isn’t true. Most computers actually have an automatic defrag program that is doing this at least once per day. If your computer doesn’t have a traditional hard drive then you should never use a defrag program. So for example never do this if you have SSD.

Myth 2 – Cleaning software will improve performance

Everyone has seen ads for programs that offer huge
performance increases, and other stuff like this. But we would suggest never
purchasing or installing these on your computer. Not only do they rarely work,
but also they can actually be worse and many are straight up scams. Some are
actually used to install malware on your computer, and shouldn’t be used!

Myth 3 – Turning your computer on and off regularly is bad,
or not turning it off at night is bad

As long as your computer can go into sleep mode after a
while, is totally fine, and will draw minimal power. But it is also a great
idea to turn your computer off if you don’t need it. But you don’t need to feel
like you have to one way or the other.

Myth 4 – When you delete something on your computer it is

This seems obvious, but in reality, just because you delete something doesn’t mean it is actually gone. Normal hard drives have physical metal disks inside them, and when you save something to it, it is written into the disk. It will stay there until the data is overwritten. Programs that wipe the hard drive will overwrite every piece of the hard drive to make sure all of the data is not retrievable.

Myth 5 – More Cores is always faster

This is a bit more technical, but you hear this pretty often. Basically, the myth is that the more cores your CPU has, the more powerful it is. While this can be true, and at a certain level it is. But here is an example that disproves this. If you purchase an inexpensive AMD processor that has a 6 cores, but is slower than an Intel CPU that has 4 cores.

Myth 6 – Building your own computer will save money

While in some situations this can be true, it is rarely the
case. The reason for this is that most computer companies are buying massive
quantities so they are able to get prices much lower which allows them to sell
the end product for less. Unless you have super specific requirements, then you
probably won’t come out ahead in terms of cost.

These are 6 myths that we here all the time, that could be
harmful if you keep acting on them. This is why we want to make sure we help
people understand their computers and what is good and what isn’t!

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