iPhone Tips and Tricks

January 31, 2017

Apple has been determined over the years to make the most user-friendly products and anticipate your needs as much as possible. However, that doesn’t mean that they are great about letting their customers know everything that their products can do. Your phone can do a lot of things, some of which you might not even know exist. This probably means that you aren’t taking advantage of all of the tricks that could be seriously beneficial to you specifically.

Set a sleep timer for your music. If you like to listen to your music when you go to sleep, it’s a good idea to take advantage of this feature. All you have to do to continue to listen to that music instead of having to shut it off on your own is set a timer through the Clock app. This app has an option to select when the timer ends to which you can stop playing the music.


Create your own custom vibration. If you want to know who is texting you (or what type of notification you got) before you look at your phone, you can create your own vibration pattern. Just go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtones > Vibration > Create New Vibration and use your fingers to tap out the pattern that you want to use.


Flashing alerts. If you are out somewhere where it is loud and you are unable to hear your phone, you can use a flashing alert. This is especially helpful if you are waiting on an important call. All you have to do is enable your camera’s LED for notifications through Settings > General > Accessibility.


Shake it to undo mistake-filled typing. If you typed out a long message or email that is full of mistakes or you decide you don’t want to send, your phone can work just like an Etch-A-Sketch (for those who know what those are). All you have to do is shake your phone and an undo typing pop-up will appear.


See the tabs recently closed on Safari. If you accidentally closed a tab in Safari or want to go back and reread an article, you can still go back and view these tabs. All you have to do is open the Safari app, click the button that shows the multiple tabs opened, and hold down the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the screen.


Turn your phone into a level. If you don’t have a level on hand, you can use your phone instead. It isn’t necessary to download a third-party app. All you have to do is launch the Compass app and swipe left.


Find out what flights are overhead. Have you ever noticed a jet up in the sky and wondered where it was going? A lot of people do this, but most don’t get the answers. However, you can with Siri. She’ll come up with the answers to where the flight is headed.


Hard reset. This is probably one of the most important tricks to know about your phone. If your phone is acting weird and nothing seems to be working, it’s time for a hard reset. Sometimes your phone is just in need of a timeout. Hold down the home and lock buttons for five seconds or until the Apple symbol shows up and this might help you get back in business.






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