Water Damage Repair for Your iPhone

January 24, 2017

Americans have spent a lot of money repairing their iPhone’s over the years. In fact, it has cost nearly six billion dollars to repair them since they were released in 2007. People tend to damage their phones by dropping them in the toilet, spilling drinks on them, giving the phone to a child, or dropping them down the stairs. Thirty percent of iPhone users have damaged their phone in the last year, which makes it important to know how to repair the damage correctly.

A lot of people believe that all you need to do when you damage your phone with water is placing it in a bag of rice. However, the truth is that this only works in certain cases. Rice only works when the phone is exposed to a minimal amount of fresh water. If your phone had large amounts of water seeping into it, or even a small amount of salt water, rice will not work. Rice does help evaporate water, but what remains if salt water seeps in it is salt and minerals which are corrosive agents and are still sitting in your logic board. This isn’t a good idea.


There are a few steps you can take if your iPhone is dropped in water. The first step you need to take is turn it off immediately. Then continue to gently shake the phone to remove any excess water. Like I said before, if the exposure to water is minimal, you can try placing it in rice for forty-eight hours. Do not attempt to turn it on before that time. These steps usually work for about 80% of phones.


There are also a lot of things that you shouldn’t do if your phone gets wet. For instance, you definitely shouldn’t plug it in to a charger. You could be electrocuted in the process if you do. Don’t turn on the phone to check the damages automatically, because this can cause circuits to short out, causing additional damages than the ones already there.


You might be wondering what the chances of your phone working again after this are. If your iPhone was completely submerged in water for more than a minute, then the chances of it working again are not very high. One the other hand, if it was submerged for less time than that, the odds of recovery are a lot higher.








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