Microsoft Announces Office 2019: What Can We Expect?

October 16, 2017

Microsoft just announced Office 2019, which will come three years after the 2016 year edition. It will actually be released in the second half of next year (2018). Unfortunately, Microsoft did not release many details on what to expect of the new updates in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, they did tease us with a few changes that we can expect.

One of the changes that will be nice for Surface users, along with other touch screen windows devices that allow for pens, is that the Office Suite will detect pressure. It will also be able to distinguish the tilt of the stylus. This means the feeling will be more natural to write on supported touch screens.

Excel will be gaining new formulas, as well as charts. This will make analyzing data even more powerful than before. This change is something that pretty much every new version of Office will include. They will also be adding new animations to PowerPoint. This will make presentations look even better.

The last change is something most regular consumers probably won’t care about, but is great for businesses. This update will have better manageability for IT techs and will allow companies such as WACD LLC, to manage business customers better and more securely.

This announcement is great news for many users, since there was worry that Microsoft might stop making the perpetual license version of Office less important. Microsoft has been pushing Office 365 for a few years now, and while this is still important, so is the standard version.

We will find out more about this new Office 2019 update when we get closer the release date.


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