The Cost of Owning a Computer

February 8, 2019

Many people think that buying a computer is the only cost involved in using a computer. But this is actually not true! Much like a car, there are some additional costs that you should expect when buying a computer. If you spend the extra money needed to keep your computer in proper working order, then you will have a much better experience and it will last many years! You will also experience fewer slowdowns. Here are a few things you should expect to purchase for your computer.

  1. Anti-virus software

Most people are aware that they need anti-virus software, but many people don’t use an adequate program. Most free anti-virus programs don’t do nearly a good enough job at protecting your computer. We suggest using a business class anti-virus, and because of this, we offer Avast anti-virus here at W.A.C.D. The cost for a managed anti-virus program like Avast is less than a few cups of coffee each month. We are able to keep you protected and free of malware, viruses, and other malicious software.


  1. Backup solution

The second most important expense you need to plan for when buying a computer is a backup solution. There is almost nothing worse than having your computer failing and losing years of important data. This could be family pictures, important documents, etc. Many people neglect to back up their information and don’t even think about it until something happens, and then realize how important a backup solution is. It is well worth the low monthly cost of backup software, then losing your data. We use a great program called Backblaze, which will automatically backup your important data over the internet so that you will never lose anything that you care about!


  1. Normal hardware maintenance

Much like you take your car in to have oil changes or fix a part that fails, computers benefit from ongoing maintenance. This includes being cleaned out both from a hardware and software standpoint. The most common hardware failure is the hard drive, which again reinforces how important it is to have your data backed up. Most computer hardware is much cheaper to repair than replacing the entire computer. Unless you are using a couple hundred dollar computer, it is a much better idea to repair your computer then replace it each time that something breaks. If you aren’t sure if your computer is still worth replacing, then bring it in for our technicians to inspect, and they will advise you whether it has reached an age that would make it obsolete.


  1. Hardware upgrades

Hardware upgrades are more likely on desktop computers since they offer much more expandability than a laptop. This could include upgrading ram, hard drive, adding an SSD, even upgrading the CPU. All of these upgrades could potentially be more cost effective than replacing the entire computer. The operating system is something you should also be aware will likely need to be upgraded before you replace your computer. Although recently OS upgrades have been very inexpensive or even free!


We make maintaining your computer simple and affordable. You don’t have to try to figure out the best program or upgrade the hardware of your computer. Our trained technicians will keep your computer in proper working order.



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