Predicting Tech Trends of 2019

March 1, 2019

Computers and technology have been moving at a breakneck pace for many years. However many people think that technology innovation has slowed over the last couple of years. But we don’t think this is true, while the changes may not be as visually obvious, the innovation happening from a software standpoint is groundbreaking. So we are going to talk about some of the biggest technology trends we see happening over the course of the next few years!

Mixed reality

Microsoft has been working on their Halolense project for many years now, and just recently released its newest generation of the device. This is an extremely advanced device, that isn’t Virtual reality, but mixed reality. This difference is that instead of looking at a virtual world using something like an Oculus Rift, the Hololens overlays virtual graphics over the real world. This means that it isn’t replacing reality, it is augmenting it. We think this has more use cases, then virtual reality, and could revolutionize many different industries. For example instead of videos calls, you could literally see holographs of someone sitting on your actual couch. The Hololens can map the room and objects in the room so that graphics can interact with real world objects. Other players will continue to develop new technology, and as screens and power increases, these devices will just get better.



Many people have started interacting with AI recently with the rise of virtual assistances like Alexa. This is a simple version of AI. A more complex example is the software that cars are now using to aid in driving a car without the driver needing to directly control the car. Currently, there are many major issues with AI, such as bias. Companies like Facebook struggled with AI in 2018, due to their algorithms getting them into trouble with how it was choosing content. But AI isn’t going away anytime soon and in 2019 will continue to be a major focus of many tech companies.



More connected devices

This was a trend of the last couple of years, and will continue in 2019. More and more devices are going to be “smart” as technology becomes increasingly inexpensive, and miniature. This allows wireless capability, and smart technology to fit within almost any object. This is a trend we like since it means that the items we use on a daily basis will be more capable and able to interact with other technology.


Better security

Because of the many major security breaches in 2018, companies are going to focus on ensuring that their services and data is more secure. Companies will have to make this a priority since consumers are going to expect good security. Companies that have good track records in security will benefit the most in 2019.


E-commerce continuing the grow

This may seem obvious, but E-commerce will continue to grow in 2019. The biggest area of growth will likely be in everyday items. We also think some of the other players like Walmart and Target will grow their market share of online sales. Also the way we shop at grocery stores, and other big box stores will continue to adapt to using the internet and make shopping easier and more convenient.


Foldable phones

This is a trend that exploded in the last few weeks. Samsung announced their foldable phone, as did Hauwei. There have been a couple of other companies as well. These phones are in their early stages and will just get better as time goes on. If these types of phones are something that people are interested in, then we will be excited to see what Apple does with this technology. However, our guess is that the true viability of foldable phones will be years out.


No edges

We love this development in technology. 2019 is by no means the first year for this change in technology, but any device that can, will reduce the size of bezels going forward. This means that you get bigger screens in smaller footprints. Laptops and smartphones have the biggest benefactors from this technology, and we think bezels will continue to shrink going forward.



These are just a few of the technology shifts, trends, and innovations, that we see expanding and growing in 2019.



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