Top 5 IT Services That Every Business Needs

February 22, 2019

What types of IT services does a business need? Well, this is a complex question depending on the company and what it does. But we are going to try to answer this question for you, to help you know what services you need and what to look for in a business IT company.

  1. Computer maintenance

Most businesses having many different computers. Computers break frequently, and this means that having a company providing computer maintenance is important. A good business IT Company should be able to provide assistance remotely and on site. So make sure your IT service provider is located close enough to be able to assist you when you need help. You can’t afford downtime.


  1. Hardware

Once you have a company that takes care of the computers you have, it is important to have a business IT company that can handle getting you new hardware. Many IT companies don’t sell hardware, but W.A.C.D. does! This is a big deal since it allows us to be a one-stop shop for all of your business’s technology needs.


  1. Security

Cybersecurity has become incredibly important for the last decades, and having an IT company that works hard to make sure that your computers are network is protected is critical. This includes having a company that will install virus protection, and monitor your computers to ensure that there are no issues. You also want to have an IT company that will use high-quality passwords, and keep these protected.


  1. Backups

Backups are insanely important for any business. You do not want to lose your data if one of your systems crashed. We use managed backup solutions to ensure that every document is protected in the event of a system crash. Your business IT should make this a priority, and if they don’t then you should change your IT company.


  1. Other Support

This includes things like supporting your other technology like phone systems, security cameras, and cell phone and tablet repair. All of these things are services that W.A.C.D. is able to provide and your IT company should! We work hard to always increase the amount of technology we can assist our business clients with.


These are 5 of the top business IT services that every business needs to have. If there is a service that you are looking for, then you should contact a business IT company to see if they are able to assist you. If not, then we would love to be your business IT company!

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