Think your Company is too Small to Hack?

September 17, 2015

Think again!

Although hackers generally go after larger company’s for the computer security. Small business owners should be just as cautious and making sure they are up to standards. Your customers expect that you are taking the same care of their sensitive information as the large corporations are. Lets be honest, if something does happen a large corporation has a better chance of being able to pay the fine and deal with the aftermath. A smaller business could potentially go out of business!

What should you do?

Put some form of policy in place that tells your customers exactly what their information is being used for and exactly what information you really need. Everything else delete it because you do not want any more liability than you already are having with customers information.

Best Practices:

  • Make sure your own software and computers are kept up to date and secure. This would include Paid Anti-Virus, Browser updates, Software Updates, and a general overall Maintenance.
  • Make sure your taking proper network security precautions, this means not letting rouge devices, thumb drives, CD, backups drives, and cell phones connect to your network.
  • Have a good Firewall, (Watchguard, SonicWall, Cisco)
  • Make sure to have a good spam filter on your email. (Reflexion)
  • Make sure the people you hire are diligent in taking information and giving. Nothing is worst than having an employee give information that you should not be giving out.

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