What to Look for in a Gaming P.C.

November 19, 2015


PC gaming has been around since the beginning of video gaming. Originally arcades were the only way to play most games, but with home computers becoming cheaper, people started creating PC games. PC games offer include incredible graphics which requires a very powerful computer. Most young gamer’s want a massive computer that is capable of playing any game. However something that many people don’t understand, is that many games don’t require a computer that is very powerful. Many standard and relativity inexpensive computers can handle most games.  But what do you need in a computer to make it good for gaming?

Graphics card:

The graphics card is incredibly important to gaming, if you are wanting to play more advanced games. Older games or games like minecraft don’t require large graphics cards and most computers will run those types of games. The graphics card is a dedicated piece of hardware that’s sole purpose is processing video and graphics. The graphics card will usually allow for multiple displays to be plugged into your computer and also will increase the performance of both gaming and video editing. The benefit of a dedicated card is that it doesn’t have share resources with the CPU. If you don’t have a graphics card, then the built in processor has to handle all of the graphics and this will give you a bad experience. Nvidia, and AMD are some of the most popular brands for Graphics cards.


This is also known as a CPU. This basically manages and runs all of the functions of the computer itself. Every single computer has a processor. It is basically the thinking part of the computers brain. It does billions of calculations every second, so that everything on your computer can function. Intel is the biggest manufacturer of desktop processors i3, i5, and i7 line of CPU’s are probably the most popular. Make sure that whatever computer you purchase has a good processor.


Ram is used to store anything that is being used by the computer currently. It is short term memory and is extremely fast. Modern games require a rather large amount of RAM. Most computers today have around 8gbs of ram built in. That often is enough, but for high end games 16gbs isn’t a bad idea. There are many different types of ram, but computer companies like W.A.C.D. can get you exactly what you need.

Computer Hardware Company:

Gaming is one of the most intensive things you can do with a computer. The type of computer you get from Walmart or some other big box store often won’t work. To perform at optimal levels, it usually requires a custom computer or something built specifically for the purpose of gaming . Talk to either your local PC hardware company, or give us a call and we will set you up with the type of computer you need.

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