Windows 10 Update

November 13, 2015

In July, Microsoft released its new operating system, Windows 10. With mostly positive reviews, Windows 10 has been freely downloaded by millions of consumers for their home computers. Like any new product, it might take launching to pick out a few bugs or know where to improve for the next edition. Microsoft just launched its newest update for Windows 10 and their features have consumers very happy.

Probably one of the biggest features in this update is for business and large groups. This new feature will allow IT personnel to set up groups of devices within their organization or business and do system updates one group at a time. This helps prevent an “all systems down” day at the office where nothing can be done during maintenance and updates. Another great feature that Microsoft 10 is implementing is the use of the Windows Store for Business. This feature allows IT managers to create an application directory for employees of individual organizations or businesses. This means that when an employee buys a computer with Windows 10 already installed on it, they could take it to work and someone from IT can help them download all the necessary apps that their business or organization uses. This is great for some companies because now people can bring in their own computers to work, cutting back on costs and device sharing.

Another big feature that Windows 10 is offering is an updated Cortana. For those who do not know who or what Cortana is, she is best described as a “personal assistant” Without typing on your phone, you can verbally instruct Cortana to complete certain commands such as to set reminders, search the web, perform calculations, get directions, check the weather, and many others. Microsoft’s new update will help improve any bugs that Cortana formerly had for a better personal assistant experience.

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