Support Your Local Businesses

November 10, 2015

You may have heard the criticisms that come with the U.S. paying for products and services from businesses in other countries. The reason for this is that there is a delicate balance between importing and exporting that is needed to keep America’s economy from weakening. When importation is happening to a higher degree than exportation, the more money is leaving the U.S. into the hands of other countries instead of coming in. The same happens on a smaller scale when it comes to local communities. The way communities grow and thrive economically is by offering goods and services that bring money in from other areas or keeps money in circulation here. It’s simple economics really. So what’s the best way to strengthen your community’s economic situation? By investing in it financially.

That’s what Small Business Saturday (November 28, 2015) is all about. Money that is spent at local businesses is likely to find its way back to you, albeit in a circuitous and indirect manner. That business owner may in turn eventually buy things at your own business or place of work, or will at least be paying local taxes on that money that will go towards improving schools and roads.

Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday will also be riddled with deals and offers. And the best part is that these will be coming from your friends and neighbors and other members of the community instead of from pushing salesman that you’ll probably never see again, not to mention there will be less of a crowd to deal with. Hopefully shopping at local businesses will mean a safer environment as well.

So why not invest in the well-being of your community with your time and money? Everyone benefits from it in the end, and it may just take care of that philanthropic itch you’ve been dealing with. When it comes to investing in your community, what could be easier than going on a Saturday shopping spree?

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