4 Things to Know About Your Computer

February 15, 2019

Computer rule of thumbs

While most people just go about using their computer every day and don’t think about whether or not they are using it correctly, or if there are things they could do that would be better for the computer. To help, here are a few rules of thumb that can help your computer work better, and make your experience better.

  1. Airflow

If you are using a desktop computer, it is a good idea to put it on a stand or something else that keeps it up off the carpet. Many desktop computers pull air in through the bottom of the computer, and if it is sitting directly on the carpet, it can prevent air from getting it and cause the computer to get hotter then it should.


  1. Be careful when installing programs

If you are downloading and installing a program, read everything as your installing it. If you can choose between express or custom installation, choose custom. This will allow you to see everything that will be installed with the program. Many programs will try to install a browser, search bar, or other semi-malicious software, and often they will try to sneak them on your computer with other programs. So when you are installing the program look for checkboxes that allow you to prevent installation of other software.


  1. Don’t allow people on your computer

When we say people, we don’t mean friends or family, but people that you talk to via email or over the phone. Unless you are 100% sure that they are from a large company, then don’t let them on your computer. For example, if you have someone call you from “Microsoft” don’t let them on your computer. They will never call you unless you go on their website and ask them to you. If you aren’t sure, call their main number and ask them to do whatever is needed. Obviously, if it is a local computer repair company then that isn’t an issue.


  1. Clean out your computer

Another great idea to periodically either clean out or have a professional clean out the inside of your computer. When talking about the inside we mean the actual internal hardware. It can be shocking how much dust can collect inside of the computer over time. A large amount of dust can lead to issues such as overheating and this can cause the computer to crash, or run at sub-optimal performance. It will also cause parts to wear out more quickly.


These are just 4 good rules of thumb to follow in keeping your computer in good working order and preventing major failures and expenses. Obviously, things like keeping your computer backed up at all times is extremely important. If you aren’t sure what else you can do to keep your computer in good condition, talk to our technicians!

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