Why Mesh Wifi Networks Are Awesome!

July 19, 2019

Wifi has changed in many ways over the years, but the basic principle of having a wifi access point, or router, has remained unchanged. In the past, you would have your wifi router, and it would cover a pretty large area, but if it couldn’t cover the entire building, you would then have to have a separate network and router. Well over the last few years, Mesh wi-fi networks have become the standard for large coverage area wi-fi! They have many different benefits and features, and here is why you need one for your business or home.


Mesh networks are very efficient, and resilient. They can expand to almost size area. These networks are also pretty simple to set up, which means cost savings for you! Plus they can be extremely customized with multiple networks, limits, etc.

How it works

Mesh networks were first developed many years ago but were not commercially viable until pretty recently. Mesh networking makes each station as a node that will continually interact and exchange information with other nodes on the network. This means that all of these nodes are working together and will know everything about each other that they need to. This knowledge is usually stored and controlled from a cloud-based backend, but it can be done within the actual units themselves as well. However, the data doesn’t get passed through all of the units. The radios used in these mesh units will be constantly adjusting to ensure there is no interference, and you get the best possible coverage. This also allows for much higher throughput than a traditional network. The reason for this is if one of the nodes has a weak connection to the internet, it can send your data through other nodes up to the network. This will keep the network and your experience much more stable.

Many of the mesh routers have just one antenna, are primarily beneficial for network extension. But some higher-end and new routers have multiple antennas that help them communicate better between themselves. The other great aspect of a mesh network is that if one router goes down, the entire network doesn’t go down and you can still use the internet! If you want to expand the network, all we have to do is add more mesh routers and it will automatically start to work. It is pretty amazing and powerful!

If any of this sounds like something that could benefit your
life then we would recommend reaching out to us, or a professional technology
company since the initial setup and configuration can be a bit complicated. We
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