Back to School Tech!

June 28, 2019

Summer officially started around a week ago, but if you are
a student getting ready to go to college, then you probably only have a little
over a month to get ready. This means that you should be planning for all of
your school technology needs! There are a few different items that we think every
college student should have if they want to have the best experience possible.

  • Laptop

This is the most obvious, but that is because a computer is
a must have for any college student. The needs of the student will determine
what type of computer is best to purchase. For example, a student who is only
going to need to write papers may not need a very powerful computer. This means
that they could use a lower end MacBook, Ultrabook, or any other similar laptop.
On the other hand, if a student is going to be majoring in film, they will
likely need a more powerful computer that is capable of editing video. If you
aren’t sure what type of computer you will need, we would suggest talking to a
W.A.C.D. Tech and they will be able to assist you in finding the perfect

  • Software

Software can include a bunch of different programs depending
on what the student will be studying. But one piece of software that is always
important to own is a good antivirus program. If you are writing a long paper
and your computer gets infected with ransomware, you could lose all of your
hard work. We would also suggest purchasing Microsoft Office, since almost
every college student will need Word and PowerPoint. While there are free
alternatives, most of these aren’t nearly as powerful Word. Other types of
software might be important, but this would depend on what the student is
majoring in. For example, above we mentioned a film major, they will likely
need to purchase video editing software like Adobe Premiere. Whereas a graphic
design major will need to purchase Illustrator.

  • Tablet

Many people may not think that a tablet is necessary, and
while this may be true, we think having a good tablet is very helpful! Apple
dominates this category, but there are other great options. Tablets are helpful
due to their light weight and are a perfect device for taking notes and
drawings and for reading.

  • Accessories

This category includes things that are supplementary to the
rest of your technology. For example, having a computer chair and desk are
important since you will likely be spending a significant amount of time at
your desk. A good laptop backpack is something you will use every day, and so
it is worth purchasing a high-quality bag. Headphones that block out sound can
be extremely helpful when studying, and there are literally thousands to choose

If you are a student, many companies offer awesome back to
school and college discounts, and this can be a great way to save some money on
the technology you need for your future! You should also talk to the college
you are attending, and ask them if there is anything they recommend that you
have. W.A.C.D. is able to sell and maintenance almost any piece of technology
and ensure that you don’t have downtime while you are getting your education.

We can fix your computer problems!

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