Hard Drives

Prevent Infections to Your Computer

When our computers start to slow down and behave differently than they normally world, we often fear this means that they have been infected by some sort of virus. While this could be the case, it could also be some sort of malware malfunction. Some are meticulous, and others are just a mild annoyance. There …

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Hard Drives vs SSD Drives

Every computer has a way to store information. The two primary storage devices within computers today are, Hard Drives, and SSD’s. Many people don’t understand the difference between the two. So this is going to be a comparison of the two different types and hopefully helps you decide which should be in your next PC.

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Why Your Computer Breaks

Computer Problems Computers are powerful and are a lot of fun, but they are also complex machines and there are many factors that can cause your computer to break. Often it seems completely random why your computer breaks. But here are some of the common reasons your computer breaks.