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Prevent Infections to Your Computer

When our computers start to slow down and behave differently than they normally world, we often fear this means that they have been infected by some sort of virus. While this could be the case, it could also be some sort of malware malfunction. Some are meticulous, and others are just a mild annoyance. There …

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computer security

Computer Security: QuickTime and PC Users

The Separation of Windows and QuickTime: Recently, Apple has decided to stop updating their QuickTime player on Windows PCs. This means that the security for QuickTime will also no longer be updated by Apple. What does this mean for PC users? It means that your computer’s security could be compromised. Since Apple is no longer …

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IdentiLock: The new Smart gun?

With the biggest debate among politicians today, gun control has become the newest platform to work on. It was only a matter of time before technology tried to find a solution for gun control. At CES this year,  Omer Kiyani of Sentinl was the sole smart-gun exhibitor, displaying his companies Identilock Gun Lock.

GoPro Down

GoPro, Inc. has announced they will be laying off 7% of their 1,500 workers. They had a worse 4th quarter than expected and are suffering from a drop in their stocks. Wednesday afternoon, they went from 23.34% to 10.87%  and leveled out at 11.20% when trading was halted.