Computer Maintenance

October 30, 2015

Computers, like anything else, require proper and regular maintenance to to be “healthy” and work properly for a long time. If we treat our electronic machines with care, they could last for many years. Here are some tips to help maintain clean hardware and healthy software.

Occasionally, the monitor (screen) of our computers may become smudged by fingerprints. The best way to clean a monitor is to turn it off and gently wipe it with a soft, clean cloth. Never use a glass cleaner, as it could ruin your screen. Pushing too hard on the monitor may damage it also.

Regularly dust your computer, as dust particles will continually get into your computer tower and build up to cause your computer to run improperly. Turn off your computer when dusting with a clean, damp cloth. Compressed air is also an efficient and safe way to clean your computer.

You will notice that your computer has air vents. These are to help your computer stay cool and not over heat. Keep these air vents clear of blockage. Things like books and paper should never be stacked on top of the vents. Be careful when laying your laptop on your soft bed, make sure it’s air vents are clear. Over heating a computer can cause permanent interior damage as well as the possibility of starting a fire.

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Your keyboard and mouse need to be cleaned occasionally as well. Remember to dust them periodically with a damp cloth. Remember to make sure that the surfaces you use your mouse on are clean so that dirt or crumbs damage it. It is best to keep all food and drinks away from your computers, but sometimes we forget. If during this time, you accidentally spill food or drinks on your keyboard, immediately unplug it and turn it upside down to drain on its own. NEVER use a hairdryer or similar devices to dry the liquid.

When it comes to your computer software regular maintenance is just as important! Keeping an antivirus software installed and up to date is crucial to your computer health. They help scan your computer for viruses that could make your computer run slowly, or even completely ruin it. Keep away from websites or emails that seem like scams. They could have hidden viruses. It’s best to stay on websites that you know are reliable and safe.

If you find your computer running slowly, scan your computer to make sure there are no viruses. If you are clear of viruses and your computer is still running slowly, it maybe time to clear up some space in your hard drive. It is common to find programs that run in the background of your computer that you never use. Use ‘Add/Remove programs’ in the Control Panel to remove these programs or any others not in use. Remember to empty your Recycling Bin regularly. Delete old files from your desktop or documents folders that are irrelevant or you are not using anymore. Remove any excess or unused user accounts that may be taking up space.


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