Technology and Fitness

November 4, 2015

Technology and fitness practices have come a long way in the last few years. With the newest devices and apps, technology and fitness have begun to merge together to make for a completely new exercise experience. We are now able to use technology such as iPods, smartphones, and tv to listen to our favorite workout tunes or download and watch our favorite workout videos. There is even technology that helps us track our steps throughout the day or the mileage we trek just walking around the house. We can use these apps to help calculate our calorie intake and tell us the right exercises to help burn them off. 

You can go into any gym across America and you will almost always find someone using some sort of technology to aid in their work out. One of these commonly found technology devices is called the Fitbit. The Fitbit looks like a stylish and thin band that is worn around your wrist. It tracks heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and even how many hours you sleep at night. The Fitbit is synced to your computer and you can track all of your progress for the day as you come closer to meeting your fitness goals.
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The Apple Watch is also one of these health and fitness devices. One of it’s apps, The Activity app, shows you how often you need to stand up to take a break from sitting. This is especially helpful if working a desk job and sitting for many hours during the day. It also tracks how many calories you’ve burned, and how many minutes of exercise you’ve completed.


With these health and fitness devices and apps, it is easier now than ever to keep track of your own health goals. Tracking your health habits can help encourage you to keep pushing forward to meeting your goals and know where you could improve.

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