Using Technology to Choose Your Halloween Costume

October 28, 2015

Are you tired of dressing up as the same thing every Halloween and need some inspiration? Or do you want to avoid a classic “Who Wore it Best- Halloween Costume Edition”? Google Frightgeist is here to help you out! It offers a unique and interesting way to pick out a Halloween costume this year. Google Frightgeist is a new application built by Google to help you find the most common, or least common, costumes searched for on the internet. This fun application goes so far as to even narrow down costume search statistics based on your location! With this feature you are able to see which costumes will mostly likely be worn this year in your area. So, if you are trying to be unique and want to wear something to that Halloween Party that no one else will likely be wearing, this tool can help you accomplish just that.

Frightgeist also will show you a nationally ranked list of the most commonly searched costumes. This can help you find inspiration for a new costume this year by giving you a long list of Halloween costume options to look through. While it is no surprise that Star Wars and Disney characters are at the top of the list, I bet you did not think of dressing up like Maleficent, which is the 16th most common costume according to this site, would be so popular. It is also probably no surprise that Frozen characters are also very common right now. According to Google Frightgeist, there will be more Donald Trump costumes this year nationally, than the traditionally common “Black Cat” costume. Who knew?


Google compiles this list by taking the 3 billion search queries that are typed in everyday and filters out costume related searches, then compiles a list of the top 500 costumes. Is your favorite character one of the top 500? Visit the site to find out!

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