Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 updates

November 5, 2015


Bad news for Windows users who do not wish to upgrade to Windows 10

Starting next year, Windows computers that have automatic updates enabled will automatically upgrade to Windows 10. Users can turn off the automatic update feature, but this is not recommended as automatic updates are the best way to keep up to date on security and privacy fixes. Users can still rollback to a previous Windows version up to 31 days after the automatic update.

This can be a concern for some, especially for those who lack sufficient space on their hard drive to handle the 3.5-6gb update that will load itself onto your computer. Even with the rollback to a previous version, the update will sit dormant on your computer taking up that space. This is also a concern for those without a solid and easy internet access, as the update can take several hours to install. So for people who use a place like Mcdonalds for their internet access, this could cause them to hang around for a few hours or risk the consequences of interrupting the installation process.


When the recommended update pops up on the screen, users still have the option to not accept the update, but for those who are not paying attention they could find themselves locked from using their computers for the duration of the installation.

On the other hand, Windows 10 has had the most successful receiving on a build launch since Windows 98. It really does outperform all other builds, and looks smooth to boot. Privacy is still a major concern for Windows users, though, as statements claim that Windows 10 tracks user data habits and records it by default. Privacy settings are able to be configured for this, but rumor has it that the data is still sent to Microsoft whether you want it to or not. So is Microsoft becoming a Tyrant to users of their product? Possibly, only time will tell just how pushy they will get.

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