Music Memo

January 21, 2016

Apple has always tried to be on the edge of innovation. Whether discovering their own advances or challenging those of others, Apple has tried to push the boundaries of technology especially in the creative industry. They lead the market in the creative world with Hollywood, Nashville, and most marketing companies relying on them for their platform of use, and their latest announcement continues to prove their dominance of the creative market except now expanding out to the unprofessional creative consumer.

Music Memo

On January 20, 2016, Apple announced the release of their latest app for the iOS Iphone, Music Memo. This app captures your music with the click of the record button. Once you have finished record, the app analyzes the information and displays it in app such as chords used, tempo played, and the sound itself. Once the app provides the information for you, you can add a bass and/or drum backup band to play with the song based on the music patterns and chords of your song.


With the little time I had to play with it, I found it may be one of the simplest interfaces for music recording. You are greeted by a simple and sleek interface, a record button on a blue background. Simply hit the button, and you are recording and can see the sound waves at the bottom of the screen. Once you are finished, hit record again, and it will pull your song up on another screen with (its best guess) the chords you played above it. In there, you can add drums and bass with the tap of their icons. It really is a simple, button to button use. No need to be an experienced sound engineer. Just know how to use an IPhone, and you can be recording your music in no time.


Bringing to the table

This could really revolutionize the ability to record as a consumer. You do not need any advance level of sound engineering/mixing. You just have to be able to play an instrument. Anyone can be produce a lower level of professional quality with this app. It will allow music inclined students to be able record without any training and be able to work on their musical abilities without spending $300-$400 on professional recording software. This will be an opening gateway for the average consumer to begin to create a low studio level quality at home or where ever they go. Or just allowing songwriters and musicians alike to get their ideas down anywhere.

With a user-friendly interface and the new abilities Music Memo provides, this app will take off fast. It will be become a best friend to music teachers, music majors, and musicians alike. This could be one of the biggest releases Apple has made towards the general audience since the original iPhone. I look forward to seeing how it does on the market.

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