Netflix’s Secrets

January 26, 2016

Netflix’s Suggestions System

Netflix has started 2016 with quite the buzz online. They announced the removal of several big movies or shows like Coach Carter, Rocky 1-5, several Disney movies, Doctor Who Seasons 1-8, and many more, but with big removals came big announcements of Fuller House, Fast and Furious 2, Bring It On 1 & 2, Pokemon XY, and Star Trek 5. The newest buzz though is not their big coming in February list of new movies and show, but the newest ways  to find shows on Netflix.

Netflix prides themselves on being one of the only streaming sites that can accurately suggest movies to the viewer based on their previously watched movies. They had to create thousands upon thousands of categories to be able to accurately do this knowing a Psych Fan may not appreciate the heavy, dark oppression of Ghost Whisperer or Criminal Minds, but a Criminal Minds follower may very well like Ghost Whisperer. Right now, it is projected that Netflix is using about 77,000 subcategories to create their suggestion lists for everyone.

The Subcategories

How accurate?

You may wonder how they cannot be that accurate all the same. Eventually, they will get off beat because they will be too general, right?  No. After you go through the movies and TV shows more and more, Netflix has the ability to narrow your movie suggestions further and further. My personal Netflix started out with generic suggestions, but now, it has 3 suggestions lists for me. I have one for Criminal shows. I love a good criminal show, but since I got on Netflix 5 years ago, my crime suggestions lists is narrowed down to darker crime shows. The top suggestions consisting of Ghost Whisperer, Arrow, Criminal Minds, Jessica Jones, Lie to Me, Numbers, Gotham, etc. Pretty heavy stuff, but I can spend hours watching all of them, and I have watched many of them. If I continue to watch this specific type of show though and become more specific, Netflix could eventually show a subcategory such as Dark Crime Shows based off real life events resulting in shows like Criminal Minds, Numbers, Flash Point, etc. Or a subcategory of Dark Fantasy Crime Shows such as Ghost Whisperer, Arrow, Gotham, Originals, Daredevil, etc. The subcategories Netflix spends time making has revolutionized the art of suggestion making, and it probably results in why they have one of the biggest followings for streaming markets.


Waiting for Subcategories

Do you have to wait for Netflix to suggest these subcategories to get what you want? That is the big news for Netflix right now. Someone spent a lot of time to figuring out how to find the secret subcategories Netflix has created. Now, there is a giant list available online for all computer users- sadly, for now, it is subjected to using a URL. All you have to do is go to _ _ _. In the spaces, you will have to enter a combination of numbers. You can find a written out list of the subcategories here. If you do not want to look up the list though or just want to play Netflix roulette, you can simply type in numbers on the URL and press enter to see what you get. It could be a new game or simply a great way to discover new Netflix shows and movies.

This is another thing that just makes Netflix a great option for TV instead of cable. An endless list of new shows and movies all waiting to be discovered and customized to you. If you have Netflix, we definitely recommend you check this out. Also, check out the latest list of new releases and removals for Netflix coming in February. Maybe you will discover your next Netflix show.

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