The System Battle: Mac Vs PC

December 22, 2015

One of the oldest debates in our world today. It seems as if the war has always existed. It did not really hit its peak until 2006, though, when Apple released their “Get a Mac” campaign. Then, the sides began to really become divided, and a distinct line between Mac Users and Pc Users really formed. Which is better though? Which computer really is the best?

Let me break them down for you using an anology.

PC’s are the every day person in the world or for this analogy, the mainstream person. They blend in. Most of society has a PC. They function well with daily life, and they do not go out of their way to stand out.

Macs are the Hipsters of our world. They have a need to be different. There are only a fraction of society. They specialize in areas rather than in everything, and they do like to make a statement and stand out.

Their Status Quo

So, those are the basic set ups for you to understand. Now like the social cues of the main-streamer and the hipster, macs and pcs both function within the computer world based off their systems. PCs are all about the fluency across Systems. IBM designed a computer which could take on the tasks required of it. Since then, manufactures have tried to make PC compatible with as much of our world as possible. So like a main stream person does not need a group and can interact with anyone they meet, PC is willing to work with Mac, Lynx, or Windows. The PC is about convenience and flexibility.

Mac is not about fluency. Mac is solely designed for intergration within itself. Mac loves to have the fluency between all it’s IOS products. Apple provided a way for their costumer to hop from device to device to device without a hitch. Apple did not design their systems to function in the local business or as the main system in a school. They created their system to be special and only used by a handful of people. Like the hipster, the mac may have only ever wanted to have an intimate group that did not need to go outside of themselves for anything.

logo battle

Their Style

Like people, these computers have their own sense of personality and what drove the designers to design them like they are.

The PC was designed to be a task-oriented system or as you would refer to a person, a judging person. They are created to be make getting a task done efficient and effortlessly. They wanted it to be easy for you to work on something, save it, send it in an email, and your coworker to open it without a problem no matter what system he was on. They were open to others innovating softwares to help the tasks get done. They thrived to be sitting in every small business and to become a platform in the business world. Thus, they made a system to be about the facts, tasks, and numbers.

Mac designed themselves to be a more conceptual based system. This is why artist normally really love Macs. The integration between any mac device makes hopping from Photoshop to After Affects to Premier smooth and quick. Apple created a computer that was people-oriented- not necessarily in customization but in their ability to create-   or a perceptive person. The mac tends to tickle the fancy of a conceptual person. Many people who work in the Film Industry, Graphic Design, Photography, or Art. They did not want just anyone to be able to design software for them. They take the best of the best to try and have an edge on PC.

The answer to which one is better is neither. Both have their flaws. Both excel in different aspects, but neither is indestructible. At the end of the day, only the user can fully decide which is the best for them. There is no right answer. The only answer is to choose which ever you find a convenient to you.

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