Read Receipt for IPhone

February 11, 2016

Iphone Message Alert

IPhone are wonderful devices when you know how to use them. They come with a wide variety of apps, practical utilities, and most importantly trusted apps. One of its best features though is probably it’s ability to IMessage essentially an instant messanger where ever you may go. It is faster than text especially with pictures, and even if you cannot find signal, you can find wifi and still be able to message people which also makes it ideal for overseas travel. (You avoid the out of country fees!) There is a very important feature to IMessage that you need to make a decision about before getting lost in the world of its glory. Read Receipt could cause some negatives in your life, and it is important for you to decide whether you would like to keep it or not.

Read Receipt

Read Receipt is a little time stamp that appears at the bottom of a message when you read it. It alerts the sender of the text that you have viewed the text. It appears when you first open the message or if the senders thread is open at the time of receiving the text. Read Receipt can be a wonderful tool but a horrible flaw.

Pros and Cons


Read Receipt can be used it beautiful ways. I know when I have mine active, and my mom texts me to just tell me a family event or just when they are leaving to meet me, I simply have to open it and she knows I received the message. I do not have to waste my time texting her okay. I just flick and she knows I received it.

I also know when someone simply got busy. I do not worry or wonder if they simply did not get my message. I just look at the stamp, see delivered, and can go about my day in the comfort of knowing it was delivered. When they respond, they respond. Till then I can just work on my work and go about my day.

Also, it is nice for parents simply because they can see their kids actually read their text. We all know how kids will ignore their parents’ messages. We all did it. Now, the parents at least can take comfort and know the kids did read them. At least, they know.


It alerts the sender that you have read it. There are all sorts of problems it can create. Let us start with your kids. You remember how quickly drama can erupt while you were in school? Yeah well this just accelerated it. If your kids have this enabled, their friends know they are reading their texts and not responding. They can quickly jump to the conclusions about your child ignoring their text. I say disable it for your child even though it may be great that you know you can see they read your text. If it prevents drama though, I would not even begin to put it in my child’s life.

You can really begin to feel guilty when you don’t respond. If I know my friends can see I read it and have not responded, I can feel really bad about not replying even if I am busy. I generally just do not open them unless I can respond. Otherwise, I now only open them and not responding when it is just information or the end of the conversation.

Disabling it

It is pretty easy to disable. You simple click on settings. Go and find the message tab in settings. Finally, you just need to switch off Read Receipts. The feature will now stop alerting your friends when you have read it.

If you have Iphone 6 or IPhone 6s, you need not worry about turning the feature. You can now peak and a message without officially opening it by gliding your finger over the message. It will only alert them if you press firmly against it.

IPhone created a unique idea for their phones. Read Receipt can allow others to know if you have read their message or not. While it can be a nice add-on to texting, it can also be more hassle than it is worth. You decide whether it stays or whether it goes.


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